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Chevron Wall (8ft tall)  

Chevron Wall (8ft tall)


Antique Mantel

4' w, 56" h, 29" D, shelf 8 1/2" d

Taxidermy (3 deer, 1 grouse available)


Double Doors (Stationary) 


Tabletop Shutters


platters and cake stands


Various Decor (inquire for specific


Serving Caddy 35 1/2" w (w/o

handles), 25" d, 70" t

Wine Barrels (6 available)

22" across, 35" h                        

Chandelier (wired, 2 available)


Doors/Shutters (Stationary)  

Doors/Shutters (Stationary)


Rustic Ladder


Picture/ Chalkboard frames


Anselm Trunk  

Anselm Trunk




White Florist Pillars (dimensions coming soon...)

White Florist Pillars

(dimensions coming soon...)

Donut Wall  

Donut Wall


White Wedding Arbor

58" w (w/o buttresses),     8' h, 38" d

Assorted Books


Art Easel


Blue Exercise Bike


Farmhouse Doors and Shutters


Wooden Pier Shelves (2 pieces)


Copper floral trellis (6W x 4H)

Copper floral trellis

(6W x 4H)

Assorted Wooden Crates


Cathedral Candlesticks                


Floor Standing Candle Stick


White Pedestal


Dressing Mirror


Teal Shutters (5 available)