Birds of a Feather


 Welcome to our home on the web! Let me introduce myself. My name is Meg Fox and I am happy to fill you in a little on our exciting venture here. The Fox and The Finch is a collaborative effort between myself and Abby Ogden. We are working hard to bring you a selection of vintage goods that you can rent for your special events. If words like Hoosier cabinet, card catalog, victorian fireside chair, or steamer trunk make you weak in the knees...then you've come to the right place. We have been weak in the knees for years and are happy to include you in our passion for all things vintage, antique and bygone.


Currently we are preparing to upload photos of our inventory to our website. Many thanks to our dear friends at Birds of a Feather for allowing us to use a photo from an amazing winter wedding they shot last year as a temporary photo for our site header. We know the Bride and Groom personally and let me tell you, their wedding was gorgeous. They have impeccable taste, because of course, they love vintage!


As we toil away at our website, we are also preparing to photograph our beautiful inventory in action. Next week we will be shooting a wedding and a birthday scene in an historic movie theater. I will be thrilled to share some of those photos with you when they are available. I am no cinemaphile, but there is something so dramatic and romantic about old movie theaters. Think of all the passionate kisses that have graced that screen! Or is it the heavy, red velvet curtain that makes us swoon? Either way, get ready to swoon over our photos, because the brilliant Alison Conklin will be taking them.


While we are busying ourselves to present you the best in vintage rentals, feel free to drop us a line and chat with us. Email us at:


Have a Splendid Day!