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Things to Include on Your Registry That You'll Actually Use


When wedding planning you can often get caught up in expectations of what you should, or shouldn’t do and include. This can be an expensive cycle to get caught up in, and when it comes time for your registry it can mean you end up with a bunch of stuff that will only take up space while sitting untouched for years to come.

A good system is look at what you use everyday and find things you want to replace, things that would be helpful and essentials you might need for the future. With the rise of registry options and aggregate sites there’s more flexibility and choice as to what you can include, and also how much guests are willing to contribute towards.

Splurge Where It Counts

Don’t feel the need to add every little thing you think you want, take a look and see if instead you can upgrade something you truly need to a nicer model. Instead of having that set of crystal martini glasses you will never use, upgrade your vacuum from a mid-range to a quality model that will have more functions and probably last longer. Bakeware is a popular registry choice, but if you only use your oven for storage, pass over that section of tons of gadgets and upgrade from the 400 thread count to 1,000 count sheets you’ll actually enjoy.

Think Ahead - But not too far

If you know you’re about to move into a new home take into consideration what you’ll need to get settled in. Many couples make the move from apartments to homes soon after tying the knot, which means more space to enjoy, but also more rooms to furnish.

Don’t be afraid to add furniture, decor or anything you’ll need for the house and want to build your home around. Guests are happy to help you build your new life together and they’ll love seeing their contributions in your new home, not to mention be grateful for the comfy new mattress they helped purchase when they stay over in the guest room.

The one caveat to this is to not get ahead of yourself and register for things you won’t have space for or use within a few months. No one needs an entire patio set taking up space in their storage unit or family basement while you’re still house hunting with no guarantee you’ll actually have a patio.

Get Ambitious

Have you always wanted to do something as a couple? Looking to find a hobby you can enjoy together after the stress of the wedding is done? Add a fund to the registry for them!

If you’re outdoorsy and wanted to try kayaking, add some camping gear or a fund for a weekend  away spent on a river. Maybe laying in the sand isn’t your style and you want to get scuba certified on the honeymoon, it’s all possible to add to your registry; add a link to your resort’s site where your guests can check out what they’re contributing to. Wanting to learn about wine and host dinner parties, why not add a wine club membership - just think of what works for you and add it! Variety of choice and price point is good for any registry.


Again, the point is not to fill your garage with extra stuff you think you might use one day, it’s to include things you have a plan for and a schedule that can accommodate them.

Valuable Extras

Sometimes you do actually need homewares, but dealing with wedding planning stress and packed schedules means you can’t find a moment to really sit down and envision what you want. Before you head out with your scanning gun, remember to select items that are versatile. Extra linens and towels that fit both your bedroom and the guest room, throw blankets that are cozy enough for the couch but warm enough for overnight visitors are all great choices. Also, plain white serving pieces can function as chic dinner party display additions and hold your basic Wednesday night take out.

Make your registry work for your future life together, be yourselves and have fun building your home without adding clutter!

Tips to Stay Sane While Planning a Wedding

Tips To Stay Sane While Wedding Planning


Wedding planning can be a stressful experience, but it should be fun and memorable as well! Here are a few tips to keep in mind in the months of your planning to help keep you sane.

  1. Set a budget

Before you begin planning, you have to set a realistic budget with your fiancé. This isn’t the most fun way to start the process, we know. However, it’s so important and will help make the rest of the process a breeze. First and foremost, figure out who’s contributing. It could be just you and your significant other, but maybe you’ll have the help of family too! Once you figure out just how much everyone involved is able to give, do the math and see if the budget is workable. Do this by researching vendors, estimating your guest count and deciding on what things are needs, not wants. If you still need additional help, consider applying for a personal loan for your wedding. Even if you don’t need the extra money, keeping a loan in a separate bank account makes it very easy to see where all of your spending is going. Then you can pay it off with the money you have as you go!

  1. Hire a wedding planner

Photo by Brian and Jessica Photography

Photo by Brian and Jessica Photography

Having someone help you with tasks and planning will always be beneficial to stay stress-free. If your budget allows, hire a wedding planner or even a day-of coordinator. Wedding planners are there to ensure your day goes off without a hitch, so they’re the perfect people to have around if you’re trying to reduce any wedding-related stress. They will be able to get you in touch with preferred vendors, keep your planning on schedule and help you make any tough decisions. We highly recommend Danielle Pasternak. She's an expert on all the local vendors, she is lovely to work with and she stays on top of every little detail.

  1. Delegate tasks

If a wedding planner is going to be a tight squeeze in your budget, then learn how to delegate tasks to others. There are so many effective ways to accomplish this! Firstly, think of any talented or craft people in your life. You may have a friend that’s an amazing home-baker or someone else who could easily tackle DIY bouquets. Think abouts friends, family and family of friends that may have awesome and useful talents!

Another way to tackle this is to simply ask for help from those around you. Your parents and soon to be in-laws will surely be eager to help, and will be especially helpful because they’ve been here before! You know your wedding party, siblings and other family members will want to help prep for the biggest day of your life too.

  1. Practice self care


The most important thing to help reduce stress is self-care! Don’t let your routine fall off due to the pressure of planning. Make sure you’re still eating your best, exercising and making time for the things you love. This will help your day-to-day feel more like it usually does and not like you’re in the midst of the craziest few months of your life! If you want to strive to be very zen, then think about booking a couples massage for you and your fiancé a month or so before the wedding. Many couples wait until the honeymoon for this luxury, but by then the stress is lifted off of your shoulders, so it’s more beneficial before the wedding.

  1. Take a digital detox

Once you have all of the details set in stone take a break from social media, especially Pinterest and Instagram. Scrolling through all of the wedding accounts you have followed for inspiration is great when planning! However, when you’ve made all of your decisions on florals, color scheme and design, comparison to other people and their weddings can be detrimental to your planning and stress levels. Taking a break from social media will give your mind a break it needs before the biggest day of your life!

Fresh Gift Ideas for your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

We’re right in the thick of engagement season, and if you’re someone with a new ring on their finger, you’re probably stressing about the massive to-do list that began as soon as you said, “YES!” But worry not, we’ve thought about the smallest of details so you don’t have to. When all is said and done, and you’ve made it to your big day, it’s important to acknowledge the people who helped pull everything together. From picking out your save the dates, to zipping up your dress and putting cufflinks on your tux your people were there through it all. We’ve got some great gift ideas to make sure your entire wedding party knows that they’re appreciated.

Jewelry Made For Them

Nothing says thank you like a custom gift. We’re not just talking about a basic drink tumbler or robe, either! Jewelry from L2 Creations is handcrafted, repurposed and completely one of a kind! Giving a gift like this for your bridesmaids is not only thoughtful but long-lasting. Your girls can wear their custom jewelry on your big day, but also enjoy their unique accessory for years to come. This type of gift can forever serve as a reminder of your gratitude and serve as a testament to your friendship. Lauren can work with you to come up with a design that complements your style and brings out the personality of each of your lovely ladies. She can also make something up for the gents as well.

Creative Accessories for the Group


Accessories don’t always have to be interpreted as jewelry. While we love that gift as an idea (see above) we think also think that accessories for the wedding can have a more practical connotation. Want something your girls can use daily? Gift a pair of sunglasses on your wedding day! Not only can they make great group photo opportunities, but sunglasses are something that can be used daily. Figure out the style your girls like and get them something they’ll be happy to show off on a daily basis!

Want a similar idea for the guys? After all, groomsmen want to accessorize too! Consider gifting a watch that can be worn as a gift of your gratitude on the big day. It is a classy touch to pull their entire ensemble together. Traditionally, groomsmen all wear the same tux on the wedding day; so take into consideration that you can get a watch that suits their unique style. It allows for some personal flair to shine through on the big day, and compliments their everyday look after the day is over!

A Local Drink

We all know that a wedding is a day of celebration. Consider gifting your guys and girls a bottle of their favorite locally distilled alcohol! Country Seat Spirits allows you to buy online which makes for a really convenient gift giving experience. You can toast to the day or save the drink to unwind after the festivities have concluded!

Maybe you’re interested in a similar gift that keeps on giving. The Colony Meadery also provides the option of the Drinking Horn Mug Club. Sign your wedding party up for a year’s worth of perks and discounted mead! As a member, your people will be guaranteed a free mug every time a new mead comes on draft and other money saving perks! Consider getting yourself a membership as well, it can be used as a great way to get the entire wedding party back together!

Nina Lilly Photography

Nina Lilly Photography

Think Outside the Box

If you really want to have fun with gift giving, consider gifting something one of a kind. The Steel Beam specializes in providing pieces that are created with fine detail. This boutique is great for finding gifts for both men and women. That means it is a one-stop shop for finding gifts for your entire wedding party! From clothing styles ranging from casual to chic, jewelry, accessories, and even home furnishings.